About us

Güç is a new label launched in 2020.
It was created with the idea of a garment adapting itself to the body of the wearer, and not the other way around. The name Güç is inspired by the founder‘s mother maiden name.

Translated from Turkish Güç means strong, courageous, and brave: exactly how each garment of the brand helps the wearer feel. Using trims and other components (buttons, eyelets or lining), the individual parts of each garment were given an additional functionality: adapting itself to the wearer.
This not only allows one to be creative with the piece, but also to decide how it is worn; whether the desired look is sexy, elegant or comfortable.
Every Güç design is created using natural fabrics only, such as silk, cotton and wool.

Güç is designed and handcrafted in Paris & Vienna.